Brochure Printing & Folding

Brochures & Folding

A quality brochure helps explain the benefits of your business in a nutshell for potential and existing clients – vibrant colour, luxurious stock and skilled design helps present your business in the best possible light.

We offer:

[list style=”unordered” type=”type9″]A range of folding styles, including concertina folds, brochure opening outwards,or both vertical and horizontal folds in the one.
Competitive pricing
Small to large print runs
[/list] We can do your brochure design
Let us know what feel, style, and colours you want for your brochure, and we can help bring your vision to life on the page.
Our brochure design service can:

[list style=”unordered” type=”type9″] Incorporate elements of your existing marketing materials
Work with the design of your logo
Include your supplied images
Or be created from scratch by our talented team[/list]

Choosing your paper to suit
There are three standard stock that have different finishes:
[list style=”unordered” type=”type9″] UNCOATED has a finish similar to the standard photocopy paper 80gsm which can come in heavier paper weights if required. Uncoated stocks are easy to write on, and are generally used for business stationery.
MATT COATED (also called Satin) – This is a coated stock, which has a smoother finish but with a dull, or barely shiny finish.
GLOSS COATED This is a smooth stock with a glossy finish. This stock is usually used for printing flyers and brochures. Coated stocks are smoother, and if they are being conventionally printed on show richer, more vibrant colour because the ink sits on the surface coating and doesn’t sink into the paper fibre.[/list]

Have your brochures next week

You could have your brochures printed and ready to promote your business, as soon as next week. Our timeline involves:
[list style=”unordered” type=”type9″] Initial artwork proof sent via email within 2 working days
Any alterations are made within 1 working day
Once design is finalised, allow 2-5 working days for printing
Your brochures are completed![/list]